23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference

Author Spotlight – Emma Nichols


Meet UK Lesbian Fiction Author Emma Nichols

Our reviewer Valden had this to say about Emma Nichol’s books:

Emma released her first lesfic book in July 2017, and it is hard to think that she is a new author on the block when she has now got four books out with another, Ariana, soon to follow. I am going to have another Valden fangirl moment as I have loved every one of her books.
Emma is a master story-teller, and her work has the ability to hook you in and pull you along; they are such good tales. They are set in very different locations; city, sand or sea will grab you and have you on hard pavements, feeling over-heated in the sun, or marvelling at sea creatures. That atmosphere and the emotions are all described so well, that you think you are there along with the characters. There is often angst that she is so talented at distilling into a few moments dialogue or a couple of actions that leave you reeling and wondering.
But, these are all stories about love, and there is much Romance with a capital R, a little bit of hot, hot, hot and on top of it, all those beautiful stories.


Forbidden, by Emma Nichols, book cover
Ariana by Emma Nichols, book cover

Emma Nichols has an e-book copy of Ariana (just released) and a signed paperback of Forbidden to giveaway to two lucky readers. The draw is open to readers worldwide.

For a chance to enter the draw, answer one of these questions:
What is your favourite middle-eastern dessert?
What is the capital city of Syria?

and tell us which draw you want to be entered for, or if you wish to be entered in the draw for both books.

Giveaway ends Sunday, 1 July, 3 pm UTC.


We spoke to Emma Nichols about her books and her writing plans for the year.


(a) Tell us something interesting about your last published book. 

I wrote Forbidden for all those women who have needed to hide their sexuality and love for another woman, for fear of the consequences of being ‘found out’.
Having undertaken a Military career, where careers were ruined on the basis of one’s sexuality, and knowing that such conditions still exist in all parts of the world, I wanted to write a book that reflects the intensity and passion that comes with finding love in such adversity.


(b) What got you into writing? 

I originally started writing non-fiction (in another name), to share my knowledge and experience of psychology in the field of peak performance.
I started reading lesfic a couple of years ago, had a story in mind, and thought it would be fun to test my writing skills! So, I just decided to write it. Finding You and Remember Us were born of that vision and the rest is history as they say!


(c)  Can you tell us about your writing style? How do you decide on plots and characters? Are you a planner or a pantser?

I’m not sure how to define my writing style, and of course that is something that is evolving with each book I write, but I try to make my work accessible and easy to digest.
But, I also like to include suspense or real-life drama within my plot and have multiple characters involved. I hope that readers enjoy the journey my characters take, their depth, and the challenges they encounter.
My plots are based in real-life situations and I hope relatable. I have an overall plan for the book, but what happens between the start, middle, and end, is driven by my characters – and sometimes they surprise me too, and sometimes the middle and the end changes along the way! I think that makes me a plotting-pantser! To be honest, most of my time goes into understanding my characters deeply, rather than the events that they encounter.


(d) If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently? 

I think being new to the lesfic-author-world has had its advantages, but it has also resulted in feeling quite alone on my writing journey. And having a network is important because writing is, for the most part, an isolating activity.
I spend hours in front of my laptop every day, and whilst I love being with my characters and quite literally living their lives as I write, they are still a concept of my own imagination, so they don’t challenge me or my writing in the way other’s would! In many respects, as a new author, you ‘do it all over again’ with every book you release, so it is a case of learning as you go.


(e) What is next for you? What is your next project?

I am working on my next book, Beyond Duty, which I hope to launch in July 2018, and I’m also thinking about a book 4 for the Vincenti Series, which would be around for Christmas! Then there is ‘Broken’ – a love story set in Uganda, which is part of the series of books I am writing for those women who live and love in an environment that would have their feelings denied, or even punished. Ariana will be released early July. So, I have a lot to do in a short space of time!


Forbidden, by Emma Nichols, book cover

This story is set in pre- war-torn Syria in 1998 and features Ashley one of the few female oil engineers working out there. She works hard in the heat and sand on an all-male crew, increasingly wondering about her life and how she has got to her current place in life. Her new boss arrives, and she finds it is Kate, the love of her life at University, who left her heartbroken. She struggles to make sense of what she is feeling, as she finds herself drawn to the local chef in their complex, Iman.
Iman meanwhile is trying to make sense of her feelings for Ashley. In a culture where same-sex relationships are not allowed, Emma Nichols draws us into the story so cleverly. It is one of those stories that stays with you, and no doubt you will find parallels somewhere in the story with your own life. If you haven’t yet read it, go get it now!


Finding you by Emma Nichols, book cover, ELLCon18 spotlight

Finding You is book 1 of the Vicenti series – Emma Nichols has created such a mood that when I first read it, I somehow felt a real connection with the story. I am not an artist, lawyer, nor do I have their wealth, but it was there. I recall thinking how does she do that? And, the feeling doesn’t go after the first couple of readings either!

At the start of the story, Anna an artist living in Paris is reeling from the news that her mother has cancer. To top that, she feels an intense connection to a woman that she met in pure happenstance in London and had a meal with; she neglected to take her details and is now distraught.
The woman that she met is Lauren, a lawyer, who has been drifting along in a loveless relationship with her partner Rachel. The story moves forward from there and runs between Corsica, London and Paris, and I defy you to second guess what happens. You need to read the whole series!


Emma Nichols is a keen public speaker, and was part of the British Army for 12 years. She made her debut with lesbian fiction in 2017, publishing Finding You, quickly followed by its sequels Remember Us and The Hangover. Forbidden was published in March 2018, and will be shortly followed by Ariana – set in the romantic idyll of the Greek islands. Her writing often delves deep into her characters psyche, giving us an insight into what they truly feel. Read an interview with Emma’s partner here.

You can get in touch with Emma via her website: emmanicholsauthor.com, Twitter @ENichols_Author or via Facebook: EmmaNicholsAuthor.

You can buy Emma Nichols’s books on Amazon (Amazon Universal Link for Emma Nichols), or access them via Kindle Unlimited.