23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference

Author Spotlight – Jody Klaire


Meet UK Lesbian Fiction Author Jody Klaire

Our reviewer Valden had this to say about Jody Klaire’s books:
Jody Klaire is a relatively new author to me. I wonder where I have been to have missed her? She has a way of writing that makes your heart sing, her humour always comes through even in the darker scenes of her Above and Beyond series. You can find yourself on the edge of your seat with some thriller scene that is wrought with danger, and before you know it, you are chuckling….
Her characters often do things you cannot believe they would do, the storyline means you don’t expect it, and the outcome is a surprise. Throughout it all, Jody’s humour is genuinely laugh out loud at times too. I love that she understands and conveys to us that good versus evil isn’t always black and white, that sometimes what you think is evil can turn out to be right. She often challenges our views of stereotypes; her characters are never what you might initially expect from their first appearance.




Jody Klaire is offering winner’s choice of book from any of her series – you can choose from a signed paperback (one available – worldwide) or an e-book (two available). This includes any book from the Above and Beyond Series, the Île Blanche series, Renovating Hearts series and the Pantomime series.
For a chance to win the book, leave a comment here, or on any of our social media #giveaway posts on Facebook or Twitter, letting us know if you prefer a signed paperback or an e-book. Giveaway ends Sunday, 22 April, 3 pm UTC.
We have been a bit nosy and gone asking Jody’s Mrs some questions – click on the image above to hear her thoughts on what it means to be a writer’s significant other.

We spoke to Jody Klaire about her books and her writing plans for the year.

(a) Tell us something interesting about your last published book. 

That would be Noble Heart if you’re not counting novellas… so maybe I’ll give you something on both… hmmm… What to say about Noble Heart without giving too much away on the series? The Heart of a Woman (the jewel) was crafted to represent Tomas’ wife because it was said she had a heart as hard yet priceless to whoever was able to see its true value.

With If The Shoe Fits, the story was sparked by a short story called Understudy which may pop up in an anthology very soon….


(b) What got you into writing? 

I have composed since I was very young however, disability and injury saw me find writing officially and… I’m delighted I did. It’s a passion and a blessing.


(c)  Can you tell us about your writing style? How do you decide on plots and characters? Are you a planner or a pantser?

My writing style is… industrious? I spend much of my time improving my writing techniques and tools as much as writing anything down. I wish to be the best I can be and getting me away from writing is… hard. Plots tend to be snippets of things that I’ve dreamed up or come to me in meditations, sometimes it’s simply the flash of a title and I think, “yeah, that sounds perfect.”
I’m very much an ideas person. When it comes to plot, I find the heart of the novel then I work extensively using the five act structure, intertwine subplots and external layers. I break that down for every section and right to each chapter. I use some tips I have from Ignatian meditations to pull levels of character out from external to their core need.
I want my readers to be moved, entertained, left breathless, meet lifelong friends in my characters and be uplifted. I strive to get better with every book and I hope that readers will feel that when they pick up any of my books, they can trust me to tell them an incredible story… and do it with flair.

(d) If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently? 

As in writing? No. I am extremely lucky to have the best mentors, fantastic support, great guidance and a passion for what I do. Could have done without the disability bit but, hey, if I hadn’t been disabled, I might not smile so much. Disability did bring me to writing.


(e) What is next for you? What is your next project?

Where would you like me to start? There’s Black Ridge Falls and Full Circle to come fromThe Above & Beyond Series along with The Whistleblower being released as a collection; There’s more to come from the Île Blanche Series with Jack’s Girl (and more;) I’m intending to carry on with The Pantomime Series Christmas novellas (If the Shoe Fits is the first)
Then there’s In Fashion. I’m really excited about it and it’s been an eye opener writing and researching the topic of how women feel about their bodies and clothes. It’s a romantic comedy with the main character being an absolute favourite of mine. I cannot wait for you to meet her. The flavour is Emma/Pride & Prejudice meets Notting Hill in my own… unique… way of tormenting the poor reader.

Thanks for chatting to me!





Noble Heart – Above & Beyond #5

This is the fifth book in the series that started with The Empath and, if you haven’t explored them, then I really recommend them. Whilst you don’t need to read the series before hitting this volume, you would be missing so much to start here.
The series has a mystery/thriller feel along with lots of action. Aeron Lorelei is the focus of much of the series. In this volume, she is still a member of the Criminal Investigations Group, along with Colonel Renee Black and General Ursula Frei, and uses the empathic skills we have grown to know so well. They make an excellent trio, and their mission is about ensuring the safety of three generations of the same family.
There is a lot of action, as usual, and it ramps up in this story with their investigation continuing. The complexity of the storyline grows as we find out more about different relationships between characters and their intertwined histories. Here is a link to The Empath, so that you can check it out: https://bit.ly/2vgQ3qX.


Best Maid Plans – Renovating Hearts #2

This is one of those books that you start and can’t put down! It is a romance, but it has some excellent humour and really keeps you engaged as it runs along at a fast pace. It carries on from La Vie en Bleu, but I think you could read it as a standalone, without losing too much.
Pippa and Rebecca are living in France, Pippa is broke and feeling worthless and trying to convince Berne that she won’t run away and go back to England. Rebecca has met ‘the one’ and has decided she needs to persuade Babs wealthy family that she is good enough.
That sounds such a simple premise but believe me, from that point forwards everything that could happen, does, for Pippa and Rebecca. It is so beautifully crafted, and while you think it will all turn out alright at the end, you do wonder at times, will it?


Jody Klaire is the author of four lesbian fiction series – Above and Beyond, Renovating Hearts, Île Blanche and Pantomime. Best Maid Plans and Hindsight (Above and Beyond #4) are both Rainbow Award Winners.She has published books as an independent author, and with Bedazzled Ink. Her latest novel, In Fashion, will be published with YLVA. She is also a mentor with the GCLS writing academy, and will be hosting a writing workshop on Narrative Distance at ELLCon18.

Find out more about Jody Klaire on her website: https://jodyklaire.com, on Twitter: @jodyklaire    Instagram: @jodyklaire and Amazon: viewAuthor.at/JodyKlaire.