23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference

Join us for a Giveaway

Want to reach a wider f/f, lesfic and wlw audience? Apply to take part in a giveaway using the ELLCon social media platforms – full details below.
How the Giveaway Works
– the aim of the giveaway is to promote books with a f/f or wlw story as its main theme
– the giveaway is open to authors worldwide, provided you are happy to post your books worldwide
– giveaways will be publicised on the ELLCon Facebook and Twitter accounts
– there is no charge for the giveaway, however, we do ask that you post the books/email the ebook/audible code within a week of the winner being selected
– Unless stated otherwise, giveaways will run from Monday to Friday, with the winners being announced on the Saturday
– ELLCon takes no responsibility for posting or delivery of books/ebooks/audible codes to giveaway winners
– to join the giveaway, fill in the form below & select the best dates for your giveaway
– submission of the form does not guarantee automatic acceptance for a giveaway
– if accepted, you will receive an email from us within two weeks to organise the giveaway
Giveaway Tips
– giveaways work best close to the release date of the book (either just before or just after)
– signed paperback giveaways have a wider reach than ebook giveaway
– separate winners will be drawn for Facebook and Twitter – please ensure that you have enough books/ebooks/audible codes to giveaway
– you can choose to limit signed paperbacks to your local area (i.e. Europe), and send an ebook out worldwide – however, this will limit the reach of the giveaway post on social media
Picking a Giveaway Winner
– winners will be picked by ELLCon via an online random name picker
– authors will be provided with the winners email address
– please do not use the winner’s email for anything else apart from communicating with them regarding the giveaway. Please do not add them to your mailing list without their permission
– Giveaway participants must adhere to giveaway rules
– giveaway winners are under no obligation to leave a review
You can contact the organisers on contact @ ellconmeet.org (remove spaces) if you have any questions about the giveaway process.
Please provide release dates for the Publisher, Amazon and any other platform you are publishing with.
Use 'self-published' if using this means of publishing
e.g. f/f romance, f/f mystery, lgbt romance, YA