23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference


Clare Ashton, Gabby Benson, Amanda Radley, Brey Willows & Clare Lydon (Chair)

Panel: Tropes in Publishing

Wendy Hudson, Anna Larner, Miranda MacLeod, Andrea Bramhall & Brey Willows

Panel: Should Lesbian Characters be more Realistic?


Kiki Archer with a reader

Clare Ashton & Gabby Benson playing pass-the-mike


Jody Klaire with Gromit at Wills Memorial

Author of Black Ridge Falls

Authors at Dinner (Browns)


Nita Round, Jen Silver, Harper Bliss, Jane Fletcher & May Dawney (Chair)

Panel: When writing feels like a marathon – how to get over the finish line

Suzanne Egerton, Anna Larner, Sam Skyborne, Emma Sterner-Radley & Wendy Hudson

Panel: Finding Inspiration – where do ideas originate from?


Beni Pardy, KittyKat, Kiki Archer, Emma Nichols, Sam Skyborne & Lise Gold

Suzanne Egerton, Anna Larner & Sam Skyborne


Sally Xerri-Brooks

Author of Her Shadow

Brey Willows, Justine Saracen & Jane Fletcher

Bold Strokes Books


Jen Silver & Samantha Hicks

Affinity Rainbow Publishing

A. E. Radley & Emma Sterner-Radley

Heartsome Publishing


Andrea Bramhall (Chair), Clare Ashton, Kiki Archer, Nita Round, A.L. Brooks & G. Benson

Panel: Plotter or Pantser?

Emma Nichols, Emma Sterner-Radley, T. B. Markinson & Robyn Nyx

Panel:Better Reading Makes for Better Writing


Suzanne Egerton

Jae, Clare Lydon, Caroline Manchoulas, T. B. Markinson & A. E. Radley (chair)


Robyn Nyx & Brey Willows

Samantha Hicks & Claire Highton-Stevenson

Clare Lydon, Sam Skyborne & Anna Larner

Clare Lydon, Emma Nichols & Sam Skyborne


Image credit: KittyKat

Image credit: KittyKat

Image credit: KittyKat


Sally Xerri-Brooks author photo, ELLCon18
A huge shoutout to Sally Xerri-Brooks for taking the majority of these pictures. Show her some love by visiting her website at sallyxerribrooks.wordpress.com. Her books can be found on her Amazon author page.