23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference

Author Spotlight – Kiki Archer


Meet UK Lesbian Fiction Author Kiki Archer.

Our reviewer Rocio had this to say about Kiki’s books:

Her novels are fun. She mixes drama and fun to create romance in a way I love. Her characters and situations are very realistic, I can see myself in some of those. And even though there are twists and turns, the books are easy to read. And, of course, all this with a happy ending, as should be.





Kiki has a signed copy (posted worldwide) of her latest book, A Fairytale of Possibilities, to giveaway to one lucky reader.

For a chance to win the book, leave a comment on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, any of our social media #giveaway posts, or on this page. Giveaway ends Sunday, 11 Feb, 5 pm UTC.


We spoke to Kiki about her latest book and her writing plans for the year.

(a) Tell us something interesting about your last published book. 

I always have lots of private nods in my books for people who have helped me on my journey so when they’re reading they’ll think: Oh my goodness that’s about me! Or: We did that! Or: I said that!

In A Fairytale of Possibilities a lot of the banter between Rachel and Lauren is drawn from the private messages I share with a good friend. Obviously we think we’re hilarious to the extent we’re sure one day someone will read our conversations and offer us a sitcom… and the novel was quite a good test in that readers did find the pair very funny and loved their banter. ‘Friends’ remix we’re ready for you!

(b) What got you into writing? 

I just thought I’d try. My debut novel But She Is My Student was the first piece of creative writing I’d completed since my English GCSE days. I think it shows!


(c)  Can you tell us about your writing style? How do you decide on plots and characters? Are you a planner or a pantser?

I have an overall plan / idea of what I want to happen but I’m fully flexible and allow the characters and storyline to grow organically. My style is simple and fun with lots of snappy conversation.


(d) If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently? 

No because I wouldn’t be where I was today. Everyone has a journey and this is mine.


(e) What is next for you? What is your next project?

I’m in the middle of writing my summer release tentatively titled: “I’m More When I’m With You.”


Rocio’s  TOP PICKS

A FairyTale of Possibilities by Kiki Archer, Review by Rocio, ELLCon

Lauren is a lesbian wedding planner who is in love with her best friend of more than a decade Rachel. Rachel is now a single mum who, apparently, has been in love with Lauren too all this time but was reticent to say it out loud or even admit it. Well, more than that, she thought Lauren did not feel the same way so why bothering to expose your feelings.

Lauren is adventurous, competitive, funny, while Rachel is more down to Earth, maybe caused by her status as a mother. They both complement each other, they click. From a tense moment they can turn it into a hillarious one. It is a light hearted and very funny romance with memorable moments, in the safari park, on the farm, in the living room, – personally, one of my favourite moments is when Lauren has a “conversation” with Wilbur. So emotional, so endearing.

And even though these main characters are brilliant, let’s not forget Trudy, oh Trudy, Jennie, Trevor and all the other secondary ones, including Wilbur. Kiki Archer has the ability to draw you into the story in a blink of an eye and to keep you there until the end. The worst part? You don’t want the story to end. Let’s just face it, Kiki is a brilliant story teller.




This story has got so many subplots and all equally brilliant, funny and awesome. All the characters are very well described and realistic. Unfortunately there are many people out there who are so reflected in this book: homophobics, closeted women who don’t come out scared of what might happen to them if they were out, men who think that because they work outside women who stay in don’t do anything and only they can be tired, people who think gay people can not raise a child and do it properly.

But then again there are also people like the gay friend who will support and help her insecure friend, an aunt who will support her niece no matter what, people who couldn’t care less about others sexuality.

I read the book in a couple of days. I couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t only I wanted to know what happened to the main characters, Connie and Maria, but also the other stories. When you thought that everything was alright, something else would come up and ruin it. It has hilarious moments, hateful moments, heartbreaking moments, love moments. The book has got everything you like to see in a romance. With all the twists and surprises you find in this book, you really don’t want to miss it.

I highly, highly recommend this book.


Find out more about Kiki Archer’s books on her website. You can buy Kiki’s books on AmazongetBook.at/Kiki-Archer