23 & 24 August 2018


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Meet Brey Willow’s partner – Robyn Nyx

Ever wondered what keeps a writer going? Who is their other half, the one who makes the endless cups of tea and props them up when they feel down? Us too! Which is why we have been extra nosy and gone asking questions on your behalf. Joining us this week is Brey’s wife, Robyn Nyx – let’s give her a warm welcome.


Robyn – how long have you known Brey?

Robyn – Going on four years now. We met when I pitched my book to her at the BSB UK event in June 2014. As soon as I heard her American accent I knew I had to make her mine.
BreyAnd she did. Ruthlessly.


Do you read your partner’s books?

Robyn – I read chapter by chapter as she writes them. And dare I say, suggest edits. The problem is the chapters go so fast and I’m always demanding more and cracking the whip.
Brey – She’s got a keen eye and I almost never harbor murderous thoughts when she edits me.


*Do you ever have to try out certain scenes from her latest book? (i.e. does this scenario work?)

Robyn – (wicked laugh) I’d love to answer that question but I’m under strict instructions not to embarrass her.
Brey – Right. Moving on.


Is writer’s widow a real syndrome?

Robyn – Fortunately, it isn’t for me because whenever Brey’s writing so am I. Almost every night we sit on the sofa together furiously tapping away and asking each other how to describe certain facial expressions. I’m sure would look completely crazy to anyone looking through the window.
Brey – Though if anyone were looking through the window there’d be bigger issues than what they thought of our facial expressions….


How much ice cream/chocolate/wine gets consumed when writing the first draft?

Robyn – That depends on how the words are flowing. If we’re both struggling we’ll look at each other every two hundred words or so and say, “snack?” and see what the cupboard has to offer us.
Brey – writing is terrible for the size of my ass.


What is her more adorable/irritating quirk as a writer?

Robyn – I guess the one thing that can be both adorable and irritating is how hard she taps on her poor laptop keys. Sometimes I think they would be able to feel the vibrations in Australia.
Brey – I have to make sure my computer understands my intentions. Clearly.


Do you organise something special to celebrate, like a party, when her next book is released?

Robyn – I always take Brey out for a meal at a restaurant of her choice to celebrate a new book release. When she secures a new book contract I immortalize it in a glass sculpture of some kind. She’s got quite the selection already and she’s only been doing it two years.
Brey – And I love each one. I get Robyn Zippo lighters engraved with the date of her contract.


What is the best thing your writing partner does to make you feel appreciated?

Robyn – See answer to question 4*.
Brey – Moving on.


What advice would you give to significant halves of aspiring writers?

Robyn – Find yourself a time consuming hobby that you can pursue at the same time your writer is busy on her manuscript.
Brey – Take up writing. Or marry someone else.