23 & 24 August 2018


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European Lesfic Literary Conference

Partner Spotlight – Murielle (Emma Nichols)

Ever wondered what keeps a writer going? Who is their other half, the one who makes the endless cups of tea and props them up when they feel down? Us too! Which is why we have been extra nosy and gone asking questions on your behalf. Joining us this week is Murielle, Emma Nichol’s partner – let us give her a warm welcome.


Murielle – how long have you known Emma?

We’ve been together for 12 years but her fiction writing alter ego only made an appearance 3 years ago… I never realised she had it in her. Especially writing romance!

Do you read Emma’s books?

Of course I do. I read her books over and over and over and over and over and over again… and then a few more times after that. Fortunately, I love her writing so the pain is limited.

What is the best thing about being married to a writer?

Apart from reading the same book a million times for free? There’s the living in a chateau, drinking fine wines, driving around in fancy cars….if only!

How much ice cream/chocolate/wine gets consumed when writing the first draft?

A lot of wine, chocolate and ice cream gets consumed full stop. Why do you think all her characters drink a lot? A case of art imitating life…

How do you keep Emma the writer in a good mood?

Throw chocolate at her from a distance and make sure there is always wine in the house. And my effervescent personality of course and the joyous sounds of our children arguing are like music to her ears….

Do you ever have to try out certain scenes from her latest book?

I would love to say that all the sex scenes are thoroughly tested for authenticity… but that would be even more fictional than her books. In my dreams.

Is writer’s widow a real syndrome?

Yep, can get a bit lonely when she’s on a mission to hit a deadline… or when plotting a new book… or developing new characters… or interacting with readers… Mmm, should I create a writer’s widow support group?

Do you get jealous when she spends too much time with her characters?

No, we talk about the characters quite a bit… what they might do, what motivates them. I get attached to them too and feel a part of their journey. It’s a hoot.

What is her more adorable/irritating quirk as a writer?

Adorable quirk? Getting excited when she gets under her characters’ skin.

Irritating quirk? Writing the whole book with the wrong formatting and then me having to spend hours putting it right.

What do you think writers are doing when they stare blankly into space?

Staring blankly into space, maybe?

How do you feel right before Emma’s book is released? Is it as stressful for you as it is for her?

I do a lot of the background work like the cover design, formatting the book, getting the files ready for publication, marketing, etc so it gets a bit stressful…and she always spots another typo just as I’ve got the files ready to go to publication…and then I fix that typo, get the book ready for publication again and she spots something else she wants changing!

Do you organise something special to celebrate, like a party, when her next book is released?

With 2 gorgeous kids and a wife that loves what she does, every day is a celebration in our house.

What advice would you give to significant halves of aspiring writers?

Love them for who they are. They are not their writing, they are much more than that and you are a significant part of their journey, even if it might not feel like that when they are so entrenched in their work.

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